Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush

Clinique Face Scrubber Review!



Officially called the Clinique For Men™ Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush (which is an absolute mouthful, hence “face scrubber”), this deep exfoliating brush is recommended to be used alongside the Charcoal Face Wash from Clinique – but even with no face wash at all it’s a shower mainstay for me. 

I’ve never been one for moisturising and all that, but it was much easier to get into the routine of using this every time I shower, which I definitely found is the best time to use it. From the day the lovely people at Clinique gave me one,not only did I notice it got rid of the rough feeling scrubbing your face with a facecloth doesn’t; but I was also getting compliments on how clear my skin looked.





  • THE BATTERY: The battery in this thing lasts FOREVER. I’ve been using it for months at this point nearly every day and I haven’t needed to charge it’s dock ONCE.

  • BRUSH HEAD: The brush head itself has two parts – one larger and softer for your cheeks, and one smaller and rougher for you forehead/nose, it’s a noticeable improvement over  a facecloth.

  • WATERPROOF: It’s waterproof so it can be used in the shower, which is almost necessary with the cleaning needed.



  • CLEANING: Cleaning the brush head if you’re using face wash with it is a NIGHTMARE, especially if you’re not in the shower which it then can take up to 3 minutes to properly clean.

  • THE PRICE: At €89.00 for the brush ALONE on the Boots website ($89.50 on Clinique’s own site) it’s extremely expensive – not only to add on €25 for 200ml of the paired face cleanser and €22 for a head you should replace once every three months (again, both prices from the Boots Ireland website) – it’s more than a bit much for a face brush.




While the brush itself is fantastic and a joy to use, the price is WAYYYY too much for it. If you’re looking for an expensive gift for a male friend or have the money to spend, I highly recommend it and say go for it! But other than that, for a combined €114 for just the brush and cleanser, I’d say give it a miss because that is crazy money.