L’Oréal Magic Retouch – Magic Is Right!

If you’ve ever spoken to me, you’ll know my story about being a natural blonde who dyes their hair; mainly because I tell EVERYONE. Now I’ve had my hair all sorts – neon blue, purple and black, (ACCIDENTALLY) ginger.. But the hardest colour to keep, which is my favourite, is Schwarzkopf’s Cosmic Blue.



With my fast-growing hair roots were always a problem, but in steps L’Oréal’s Magic Retouch spray

The product itself is just shake and spray which is really handy, and the immediate difference is incredible. I went from John Constantine blonde roots to natural looking black, and it took less than a minute.


Before and after, of course

I’ve never had any product walk into my everyday essentials list like this has. It really is one of the most handy things for taking care of my hair, up there with dry shampoo (dry shampoo is fantastic lads, seriously).

While it is that good, it certainly isn’t without faults. The nozzle is one of THE WORST I’ve ever used, and it’s ESPECIALLY bad for a product like this; I think it’s meant to be thin for precision spraying but it comes out like a shotgun.


While it does get close to your hairline and between strands – if you have it even a centimeter off your skin it’ll get all over you.

The good news is however that it wipes clean immediately from skin, but if you have hair down the sides of your face you’ll be in trouble, but even then the product is semi-permanent and washes out with water and shampoo.


Again, just a quick rub with a wet cloth and it’s all gone from your skin – but not your hairline

The spray itself is fantastic and really covers up roots well, while not giving your hair a hairspray-like stiff hold until you to style it yourself. It doesn’t run in the rain and maintains colour for 2 days plus, making it perfect for going out or if you’re away from home.

The only downside (and it is a HUGE downside) is the terrible nozzle – PLEASE L’Oréal, redesign it to actually spray properly and not just blow out the end of it. Even with that out of the way I do recommend it if you dye your hair or have greys, and I’d love to see a permanent version – that’d change the hair dye game for me.

You can get it at Boots (You have to click them individually, which is annoying) for €12.99 here in Ireland, or just hit Buy Product on L’Oréal’s website.

A big thank you to L’Oréal for sending a bottle to me to review!