Call of Cthulu Teaser Quick Look! – E3 2016

While we don’t get much from the teaser, word is it’s adapted from the Call of Cthulu pen&paper RPG, and will feature an interesting insanity mechanism. The teaser gave me a  Dark Corners of the Earth vibe from the lead up to the mansion, and DCotE was terrifying at the beginning; with a great insanity and healing system paired with creepy fishpeople enemies you would rather avoid than attack. Despite it’s clunkyness and devolution into a generic shooter by the end, I think it’d be a great pre-game – well – game for this. I’d highly recommend giving it a go – if you can run it.

Steam Purchase Page For Dark Corners of the Earth


I have ALWAYS been hugely interested in Lovecraft and his Cthulu mythos, and while I was wary of the news of an At the Mountains of Madness film, the whole Cthulu thing has produced some great games.

No Steam page for the game itself, but Website (under development)