Welcome to Diehard Dublin!

You lucky (or unlucky, depending on perspective) so-and-so’s have arrived at the much, much procrastinated Diehard Dublin! After much poking, prodding and outright punching, I have finally unleashed this beast upon the interworld on my favourite week of all weeks, Halloween! What follows will be a haphazard mess of gaming, male grooming and everything to do with me and my early 20’s interests.

I’m most well known for my work as movie writer over at CherrySue, so to get an idea of the life-changing content I’ll be shoving in your eyeballs, you can check out the Movies tab, or have a look every friday at 8:00am UTC!

Thank you ever so much for checking in, and I hope to keep you around forever and ever and ever ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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